Digestinol is a scientifically and clinically proven all-natural formula used for the safe and effective treatment of a wide range of digestive diseases and/or disorders. This unique product based solely on stabilized Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides or AMP is medically formulated by doctors and recommended by doctors worldwide. This very safe, natural and highly effective formula was developed by Digestinol Research in 1995 and ever since, thousands of people worldwide have used it successfully for proper treatment and relief of the symptoms caused by a large number of digestive ailments. These digestive problems include inflammatory bowel disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, acid reflux, gastroenteritis, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, peptic ulcers, spastic colon, diverticulitis and diverticulosis, hiatal hernia, Crohn s disease and skin rashes. 

Digestinol has proven itself medically effective where other treatments for the abovementioned digestive disorders have failed. This all-natural formula provides quick and log-lasting relief from these conditions, thanks to its high concentration of the active ingredients AMPs which are stabilized during extraction. These two aspects - the high concentration and the extraction process of the AMP molecules - are precisely what makes the difference between Digestinol and other similar products which have Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides in their composition. The stabilization during the process of extracting the AMP molecules from the Aloe Vera plant is crucial in order to preserve their optimum healing powers. This product based on the carefully selected active ingredients AMP is the most potent formula on the market because the AMP molecules are stabilized and also undisturbed during the isolation process of this specific chain series of polysaccharides. 

Furthermore, depending on the specific type of digestive ailment that you suffer from, you also have the possibility to choose between two types of absorption agents available in this formula. Thus, you can either choose the Type L Digestinol Formula, which uses as absorption agent a premium L-Glutamine concentrated powder, or the Type S Digestinol Formula which uses as absorption agent a premium soy lecithin concentrated powder. Every step of the extraction process is closely monitored by Digestinol Research in order to ensure maximum and long-lasting results. 
Once the capsule of Digestinol is ingested, it is absorbed through specific receptor sites found in the human digestive tract. This formula promotes proper digestion and absorption of essential nutrients from foods, eliminates excessive production of stomach acids, which lead to GERD and heartburn and restore proper moisture within the color in order to remove both diarrhea and constipation. 

The mechanism of action of the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides consists in helping naturally to stop the chronic bleeding, leakage and damage of the intestinal wall cells, to rebuild the protective intestinal mucosa lining, to facilitate the healing process of the intestinal tissue and to optimally balance the proper functioning of the immune system, promoting thus effective enhancement of the defense mechanisms of the human body. In addition, AMPs are highly permeable ingredients, which reach every cell in the body and furthermore, they are taken intact up into the cells, due to the fact that they are not digested by the enzyme systems, which only accelerates their potency. Other outstanding benefits of Digestinol include anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic effects, removal of mal-digestion and its pathological reactions, control of yeast growth and promotion of healthy micro-flora in the digestive tract. 

Digestinol is 100% safe for all age groups, including children and the elderly, because it is 100% non-toxic and it has no side effects whatsoever. The purity and the special extraction process makes this all-natural formula the most potent and the most effective for the treatment and prevention of reoccurrence of a wide array of digestive conditions. The long-awaited results are visible immediately thanks to the highest concentration of stabilized AMP available on the market. In addition to treating effectively various digestive ailments, Digestinol is beneficial to the overall health, because it improves blood flow in the body, helps to lower high blood sugar levels and it is a highly effective free radical scavenger and intracellular antioxidant. Wisely rely on this unique formula to get the much-deserved relief from a wide variety of digestive disorders and improve your overall health naturally - or your money back guarantee.